PIM was born as a colorants division of Colorificio Migliavacca and it has a 30-year-experience in the branch of pigment dispersions.

It has specialized in paste suitable for the pigmentation of paintings, and it takes advantage of a technical and a managerial staff with specific experiences.

PIM has the ambition to offer a colorant-paste line for industrial and tyntometrical use, suitable for the demands of its own customers, and adequate to manage the colour in all its different aspects.

Aware of its knowledge and experience, the company, which is today member of American Colors (USA), is able to enlarge its range of products, increasing to the traditional branch, also paste for the composites, plastic materials, stickers and sealants.

We work together with our customers to give them personalized products which can face up to specific requests, over our standard products lines.

Thanks to its international presence and the know-how of the group, the company is oriented to the research and the development of new products and markets, rather than the continuous update of the existing ones.



from the most reliable suppliers on the market


We study the most suitable rheology, to offer quick answers


According to precise pre-established criteria


We control the quality up to the achievement of strict colorimetric specifications


We guarantee excellent batch reproducibility


We listen to customers, collaborating in partnership, to recommend formulas appropriate to their (our) success


We respect the environment because we believe in the future

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